Mobtown Studios: “You’ll Be Sorry”

“For years, Karmella’s Game have been one of the most infectiously fun live bands in Baltimore, with a bombastic treble overload of squealing synth lines and polished female vocal harmonies. However, like many power pop bands, they’ve struggled to translate the energy of their concerts to studio recordings without losing the heft of their rhythm section and the crunch of their more guitar-driven material…”

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The Towerlight: “You’ll Be Sorry”
“It’s been three years since this Baltimore-based synth-pop outfit came out with their previous album, the fantastic “The Art of Distraction.” Any amount of time is worth the wait for a band that is, for my money, one of the city’s great hidden musical gems…”

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“Synth-pop act Karmella’s Game plays Lava Lounge”
The Pittsburgh City Paper recently published a great article about us and “The Art of Distraction” in anticipation of our April 24th performance at Lava Lounge.

“Baltimore isn’t known as a fun-in-the-sun, bubblegum locale. And perhaps that’s why some of its most notable recent music has had an earnest, transcendent air — Lungfish and Daniel Higgs’ solo work, not to mention the experimental sounds of the High Zero Collective…”

You can read the whole article here at the Pittsburgh City Paper website.

BCP: “The Art of Distraction”
“One of the more unlikely local acts that has been packing ’em in at local haunts such as the Talking Head for the past couple years is Karmella’s Game, a coed quartet that wear matching private school uniforms onstage while playing synth-driven power pop…”

You can read the whole review here at the Baltimore City Paper website.

Urbanite: “The Art of Distraction”
“Local pop-punk band Karmella’s Game is one of the hardest-working bands in the genre. Their frenzied tour schedule takes them all over Baltimore and up and down the East Coast promoting their sweet-’n’-straightahead rock that’s tinged with cheeky punkishness…”

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PastePunk: “What He Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him”
“Reading over the bio of KARMELLA’s GAME pointed me towards a line that noted that the band sounds like “Debbie Gibson fronting THE RENTALS with LIFETIME in the background.” I’ll agree with the first two-thirds of that assessment…”

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“What He Doesn’t Know Won’t Hurt Him”
“One of the more interesting indie-rock developments in recent years is the return of the synthesizer. Whether set in the background for noticeable yet minimal effects or raised to prominence in tracks across the indie genre spectrum, the synthesizer has regained the legitimacy it seemed to lose while grunge and stripped-down indie rock ruled much of the 90s…”

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You’ll Be Sorry
12 track LP
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