You'll Be Sorry Cover

Released: July, 2009

You'll Be Sorry

1. The DoorLyrics Free MP3download

2. Tour BoyfriendsLyrics

3. Can’t SleepLyrics

4. The PitLyrics

5. Needles and NotionsLyrics

6. The EndLyrics

7. A TestLyrics Free MP3download

8. Only FunLyrics9. LosersLyrics

10. Twisted StitchesLyrics

11. Recipe for DisasterLyrics

12. SorryLyrics Free MP3download

The Art of Distraction Cover

Released: June, 2006

The Art of Distraction

1. DiversionsLyrics Free MP3download

2. Skip the FuneralLyrics

3. Cyberspace Lip GlossLyrics

4. A LullabyeLyrics Free MP3download

5. The RemainsLyrics

6. Revolution Will be CybercastLyrics

7. Safely NegativeLyrics

8. One Phone CallLyrics Free MP3download

9. SymbiosisLyrics

What He Doesn't Know Won't Hurt Him EP Cover

Released: 2003

You'll Be Sorry

  1. 1. Coming Going LeavingLyrics Free MP3download
  2. 2. Knocked Flat in the First RoundLyrics
  3. 3. Not the EndLyrics
  4. 4. In Spite of KarlLyrics
  5. 5. Crazy GirlLyrics

You’ll Be Sorry
12 track LP
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